This documentation describes planned functionality and processes that MakerDAO has not yet implemented. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.

FacilitatorDAOs are one of the three types of SubDAOs in the Maker Ecosystem along with AllocatorDAOs and MiniDAOs.


FacilitatorDAOs are responsible for interpreting Scope Artifacts and facilitating specific governance-related processes defined therein. FacilitatorDAOs are attached to one or more Scope Artifacts, be they MakerDAO Scopes or SubDAO Scopes.

Each Scope has their own set of tasks that FacilitatorDAOs must carry out. Additionally, FacilitatorDAOs may exert discretional action over certain subjects, as defined in Scope Artifacts — e.g., they may take unilateral action to derecognize misaligned actors.

FacilitatorDAOs may engage one or more anonymous Alignment Conservers known as Facilitators. Facilitators are empowered to directly access governance processes and smart contracts for which their FacilitatorDAO is responsible. FacilitatorDAOs are accountable for their chosen Facilitators.


FacilitatorDAOs are rewarded through a tokenomics system called FacilitatorDAO Responsibility Rewards. In this scheme, Scopes are assigned specific weights which are then used to reward the FacilitatorDAOs responsible for them.

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