Aligned Delegates

This documentation describes functionality and processes that MakerDAO is in the process of implementing. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.

Aligned Delegates (ADs) are anonymous Alignment Conservers (AC) who operate as delegates. They use Protocol Delegation Modules (PDMs) to enable MKR holders to delegate their MKR voting power to them towards implementing the Aligned Governance Strategy of an Aligned Voter Committee (AVC).


ADs must aim to support AVCs by:

  • Providing governance information and research material

  • Helping with the design and improvement of Scope Improvement Articles

  • Researching relevant happenings in the Maker ecosystem

  • Writing elements for Aligned Scope Proposals to capture intent of the AVC and the Scope Advisory Council

  • Writing AVC's governance strategy to capture the essence of AVC

ADs do not take part in the creation of AVC strategies, they only execute them. This helps to mitigate the risk of a delegate's misalignment in relation to MKR holders.

ADs must not engage with other ecosystem actors or in operational activities. They are not allowed to compensate MKR holders that delegate to them.

Becoming an AD

Anyone can use the PDMs to set up an account to become a delegate. A PDM can be upgraded into an Aligned Delegate PDM by activating Governance Strategy Links (GSLs). Each GSL establishes a link between an AVC and an AD. Once linked by a GSL, the AD is required to vote according to the Aligned Governance Strategy of the AVC, unless doing so would result in misaligned actions.

AD must be linked to at least two AVCs through GSLs. AD are displayed prominently in the EGF as followers of a AVC's Strategy, as long as they have two GSLs.


A number of top ADs in terms of delegated MKR are eligible for receiving compensation from the Maker Protocol. These eligible ADs fall into two categories based on MKR delegated:

  • Prime Constitutional Delegates (PCDs)

  • Reserve Constitutional Delegates (RCDs)

PCDs receive a larger fraction of the total compensation than RCDs.

In addition to having a high amount of delegated MKR, there are further requirements that ADs must fulfill in order to be compensated, namely:

  1. Participating regularly in CVC Subcommittee Meetings

  2. Maintaining active links to two AVCs

  3. Voting actively on Governance Polls and Executive Votes

  4. Communicating their reasoning behind their votes to the community

While the third and fourth requirements, when not fully met, may result in reduced compensations, the first and second requirements are hard — i.e., failure to meet them results in no compensation.

More details on compensation and eligibility can be found in Article 2.6.3 in the Maker Atlas.

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