Aligned Voter Committees

This documentation describes ongoing changes in functionality and processes. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.

Aligned Voter Committees (AVCs) are organized groups of MKR holders who have a shared strategic vision for the Maker protocol. Its members must be Alignment Conservers.

AVCs have two main tasks in governance:

  1. To propose modifications to the Scope Artifacts to strengthen them over time.

  2. To ensure that all Aligned Delegates (ADs) that are affiliated with them, execute the AVC's strategic vision when voting on governance issues.


Each AVC produces an Aligned Governance Strategy document and five Aligned Scope Artifact documents with proposed updates to the Scope Artifact of each Scope. The Aligned Governance Strategy document provides general guidelines for how Aligned Delegates that follow their governance strategy should vote.

The documents produced by the AVCs abstract away the minutiae of day-to-day governance. Since Aligned Delegates execute AVC strategies, they allow MKR Holders to be reasonably informed and secure with regard to the general direction of the chosen delegate.

According to their own strategy, AVCs fall somewhere in a spectrum that goes from Hawk to Dove:

  • Hawkish AVCs focus more on short-term income and asset accumulation, tending to prefer higher spreads and lower budgets

  • Dovish AVCs focus more on long-term growth and innovation, tending to prefer lower spreads and higher budgets

  • Balanced AVCs try to find a middle ground between the two

The Hawk/Dove is a continuous spectrum, so many different hawkish or dovish AVCs can exist that are more or less balanced.

Eligibility Requirements

In order for a voter committee to be considered an AVC, its members must be Alignment Conservers (AC) and verified MKR holders.

To become Active AVCs, AVCs are subject to additional eligibility requirements. For each quarterly governance cycle they must:

  • Create one Aligned Governance Strategy document and five Aligned Scope Proposals

  • Hold two AVC Subcommittee meetings for each scope

The Governance Scope recognizes Active AVCs. It can revoke this recognition anytime the AVC fails to meet all eligibility requirements.

Member Participation Rewards

Member Participation Rewards is a compensation scheme available to AVC members. It considers their participation in each scope. To be eligible for compensation, AVC members must:

  • Attend the two AVC Subcommittee Meetings

  • Co-author the Aligned Governance Strategy

AVC Members who fulfill these eligibility requirements and have the highest verified MKR ownership are eligible for compensation.


The Easy Governance Frontend (EGF) displays AVCs on a list that ranks them by their voter weight. The voter weight is calculated by adding the verified MKR holdings of members plus the MKR delegated to delegates that follow the AVC's Governance Strategy.

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