Scopes and Artifacts

This documentation describes ongoing changes in functionality and processes. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.


A Scope is a broad area of focus for products, protocol-related work, and/or governance in MakerDAO. All work done within the Maker Ecosystem must fall under one of the five Scopes.

Every Scope has a Scope Bounded Mutable Aligment Artifact, also referred to as Scope Artifact. These are frameworks that contain the rules for all work, governance, and other processes that take place under that Scope. Scope Artifacts can be amended through MIP102c2 subproposals.

Modification of Scope Artifact

Scope Artifacts are modifiable within the constraints of Scope Boundaries that are immutably defined in the Maker Atlas. Scope Artifacts include strengthening elements, which ossify over time, and mutable elements, which are active elements related to governance, budget elements, and template elements.

Scope Artifacts (GOV3) must include a ruleset for the ossification of mutable elements. Any significant change to the Scopes should take long and should allow enough time for feedback.

Any change made to a Scope Artifact must aim to improve one or more of the following desirable features of the Maker Ecosystem.

  • Decentralization

  • Autonomous operation

  • Future-proofing

  • Resilience

  • Clarity of instructions

  • Simplicity of protocol


Each Scope has a Scope Advisory Council. Councils carry out advisory work related to improving the content of the Scope Artifacts. Councils consist of members who must fulfill certain requirements and have been approved by Maker Governance.

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