List of Scopes

This documentation describes ongoing changes in functionality and processes. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.

The Maker Protocol has five Scopes. They are:

  1. Governance (GOV): Codifies rules that regulate the critical balance of power processes defined in the Maker Atlas, and adjudicate on appeals processes related to misalignment in the ecosystem.

  2. Support (SUP): Codifies rules that regulate various tasks of ecosystem support, including governance process infrastructure and management, SubDAO ecosystem support, Public Good Purpose System.

  3. Protocol (PRO): Codifies rules related to the core technical MakerDAO protocol.

  4. Stability (STA) Codifies the rules related to managing the core stablecoin product, Dai, and supporting factors related to financial stability, such as surplus buffer and decentralized asset reserve.

  5. Accessibility (ACC): Codifies rules related to accessibility and distribution efforts, and regulates user-facing frontends of MakerDAO Core and SubDAOs.

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