This documentation describes planned functionality and processes that MakerDAO has not yet implemented. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date.

AllocatorDAOs are one of the three types of SubDAOs in the Maker Ecosystem along with FacilitatorDAOs and MiniDAOs.


AllocatorDAOs serve three main functions:

  1. Generating Dai from MakerDAO and allocate it to profitable opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem

  2. Providing an entry point to the Maker ecosystem

  3. Spining off MiniDAOs.

AllocatorDAOs must allocate their generated Dai in accordance to broad objectives defined by the Stability Scope. These objectives are further defined and restricted by Maker Governance.

The amounts of Dai that AllocatorDAOs can generate depends on whether the Dai will be destined to manual allocation or preprogrammed, secure actions built in smart contracts, with the former allowing for a greater generation bandwidth.

AllocatorDAOs are subject to capitalization requirements and penalties when these are not met.

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